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Fresh on the Net Review

Freshonthenet have just included us on their playlist with a review of "Same Mistakes" by Phil Meadley. Comparing D's vocal to Tom Waits & Mark Lanegan can't be bad! Thanks guys! x

Same Mistakes is a gritty neo blues-rock track by UK based rock band HVMAN fronted by singer D Ari and Louise Piper. In the band’s description they say that they have Steampunk leanings. Being possibly one of the very few reviewers to have heard enough Steampunk music to be able to give an educated critique, I’d have to agree. It’s D Ari’s deep baroque delivery, reminiscent of Tom Waits and Mark Lanegan combined with the bar room piano swagger and heavy, foreboding blues guitar licks that place it in that category. Very effective and a definite grower.

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