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Single OUT NOW!!!

We're incredibly excited to say that JUNK IN A JUNKYARD is out now! Sales this year are going to Teenage Cancer Trust - so please buy a copy. It's for a good cause!…/junk-in-a-junkyard-…/id1291021821

We've been working on this for a while DIY style, doing as much as we possibly can (recording, filming, editing etc.) but we've been incredibly lucky that this 'DIY' release has had some amazingly talented people working on it with us. So big thanks and love goes to: Kev (the South) Jefferies, who popped by and quickly & savagely transformed the bass parts into cunning thunder; Matt Hill for engineering the vocal recording session; Rafael Boelter for filming the good looking parts of the video; Max Weaver for drawing Hvgh - our logo; Adrian Hall for mixing this and the next single (seriously, we thought we could mix music - witnessing Adrian mix, we realised we know nothing!); and lastly and mostly, thanks to Olivier Behzadi for being involved in all things HVMAN from the start with everlasting patience, energy and creative cunning!

Here's the video - Enjoy!!! (and come and see a gig!)



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